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Vega - plant-based days Selo


09.00 Walk-in
09.15 Welcome
09.30 Demonstration Schotelkutter & Normwagentumbler
11.00 Explanation and supply of machines
12:00 Lunch break
12:45 Guest Speaker
13.45 Departure to activity
2:30 p.m. activity bowling
15.30 Departure back to Selo
16.00 Evaluation / Discussion
5 p.m. Buffet
18.00 - 18.30 End of day

"Meet the latest technology and range of Vega machines"

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Start date: 27-09-2023 - End date: 28-09-2023
Location: Palacio de Congresos - Zaragoza, España

After the success of the CIPAL editions, the first edition of the CIPEU will take place this year. The CIPEU focuses on pet food, specifically dog food and cat food. One of the objectives of this international congress is to keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry, mainly in the areas of nutrition, processes, ingredients, machinery and packaging. In addition, it the perfect way to strengthen contact networks in the field of pet food throughout Europe.

We will be available to answer all your questions and provide you with information on wet pet food and our facilities throughout the show.

During the CIPEU trade fair, Selo will be on stand S1, where our Petfood Specialist will be on hand to provide you with information and answer your questions.
Would you like to schedule an appointment in advance? You can do so by sending an e-mail to or by calling +31 (0) 541 582 000.

Petfair Asia

Start date: 25-10-2023 - End date: 27-10-2023
Location: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand

Pet Fair South East Asia offers the International pet food industry a strategic market access and market expansion platform for the fast-growing Asian markets. The three-day B2B fair in Bangkok serves to unite key players in distribution, retail and veterinary services in the region. Moreover, as Thailand is the fourth largest pet food export country in the world, the show acts as a global sourcing hub for diverese pet products and ingredients.

Selo, the market leader in wet pet food processing, will be at booth J1 during the show. We will be there to provide you with information and answer all your questions. Would you like to schedule an appointment or get more information? Please send an email to