Nieuws > Selo Verpakking B.V. and Selo Belgium BVBA, former branch of Selo Food Group acquired by DAT Schaub group.

DanishCrown’s subsidiary, DAT Schaub, has since mid April been majority shareholder in the Dutch company SELO Verpakking and SELO Belgium BVBA.

The companies are among the market leaders in Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg within sales of artificial casings for sausage production.
Over the past decade, Danish Crown’s DAT Schaub has grown from being a strong company in Northern Europe to being among the global market leaders. This has been achieved through targeted acquisitions of companies with growth potential worldwide, and this is also the story behind the acquisition of the majority stake in the SELO companies.

“We look forward to incorporating the SELO companies into the DAT Schaub family, with a clear goal of being better represented in Benelux. We have known the company for many years as a great colleague, so when we contacted the owners, it wasn’t too hard to reach an agreement,” says Jan Roelsgaard, CEO of DAT Schaub.

The two SELO companies specialize in the sale of artificial casings for sausage and food production and, like DAT Schaub, also distribute products from Spanish manufacturer Viscofan a partnership that began in 1965.
“We are happy to join the DAT Schaub Group. In recent years, Selo has managed to grow and are now among the market leaders in sales of artificial casings. By becoming a part of DAT Schaub we improve our product range significantly to the benefits for our customers says Oskar Nijkamp, CEO of SELO Verpakking and SELO Belgium: DAT Schaub is acquiring 70 percent of the shares in the SELO companies, while the current management, led by Oskar Nijkamp and Gerwin Ooms, will retain the remaining stake. Going forward, the plan is to develop the business through the sale of DAT Schaub’s entire product portfolio to customers in Benelux.

“With sales offices in both Holland and Belgium, the acquisition of the majority stake in the SELO companies gives us a perfect platform to grow our business in Benelux. We are already strongly represented in countries such as Germany and France, so the acquisition also complements our European presence,” says Jan Roelsgaard.

The companies have agreed that the purchase price will not be disclosed.