Advantages of Selo's pet food production line

A pet food production line from Selo has several advantages. First, quality is extremely important. Our steam tunnels are of solid quality and comply with all the rules associated with production. A production line must be reliable in all its functionalities and made of materials that can last a long time. Other important advantages are:

  • Safety: the production line is tested to perfection for safety, both the pet food and the production process itself must be safe.
  • Increased efficiency: the new production line allows your plant to operate more efficiently and effectively, resulting in higher production levels, lower costs and improved profitability.
  • Improved portion accuracy: Selo's production line is designed to work with greater precision and speed. Production accuracy is monitored and any discrepancies are detected immediately. This reduces the risk of waste and ultimately increases product efficiency.
  • Good connection to the packaging process: these production lines can be connected to different packaging processes.

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"Since implementing the pet food production line, we have been able to run our cat food production more efficiently and on a continuous basis. This has led not only to a significant increase in production speed, but also to a significant improvement in the consistency of our product. This innovative production line uses the latest technologies, including advanced control and monitoring systems that guarantee the quality and safety of our cat food. In addition, the production line is fully automated, which has resulted in faster production and fewer human errors."
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Most pet food production lines arise from an output desire: production of cat food in tuna and chicken flavor or dog food in the form of shoarma strips. With that wish, we get to work. Together with the customer, all wishes are collected. Based on technical knowledge and years of experience, our team of engineers converts this information into a detailed production line.

After the approved 2D design is ready, the project team gets to work on both hardware and software. We establish a schedule and order the necessary materials. In our workshop, the production line is carefully assembled, with all components correctly placed and functionally assembled. Once both production and software are extensively tested, the production line is prepared for transport.

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Producing pet food is done with exceptional precision

A healthy and happy dog or cat is every owner's wish. Good nutrition contributes to that. Therefore, it is important for a dog or cat to get the right nutrients. Think high-quality ingredients that have the right balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. So as a manufacturer, you will need to ensure that your dog and cat food meets these requirements. Pet food should not only be nutritious, it should also be palatable and appealing to pets. Therefore, it is important for you as a producer to be able to optimize the food each time. In addition, food safety, hygiene, shelf life and sustainability play important roles. With Selo's pet food production line, you as a producer can take all these aspects into account and respond to the needs and expectations of both pets and their owners. At the same time, you continue to grow in the demanding pet food market.

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